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For many years, there were misconceptions and taboos surrounding injectables and cosmetic services. These stigmas often created a sense of shame or judgment, deterring individuals from exploring the potential benefits these treatments can offer. However, society's perceptions are evolving, and we are witnessing a positive shift towards embracing the choices individuals make to enhance their appearance and well-being. Now, we are elevating our mission with the Berlin Beauty Referral Program.


Refer a friend

There is no limit on the number of referrals you can earn rewards for. Do you have a friend who is always wondering how you maintain that fresh look? Or perhaps your in-law who is new to injectables? Spread the word in your community, and you might just find your next treatment covered by us!

For you

$50 Treatment Credit

You will receive a $50 dollar credit towards future treatments at Berlin Beauty

For them

20% OFF First Treatment

Have your friend mention your name at checkout and they will receive 20% off their first treatment at Berlin Beauty. They must be a new client.

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